Thursday, October 29, 2015

Winter/Holiday Steampunk Sewing Patterns 2015

Well it's new sewing pattern time again.

McCall's starts us off with an interesting offering...

McCall 7306 - It's a cupped corset, with or without cups, ruffled shorts, neck collar, and hoop skirt in two lengths.

Skeptical as I usually am of Big 3 corset patterns, I'm EXTRA skeptical of this one.  McCall's doesn't have any other corset patterns, I don't believe, and making a cupped corset is extra difficult.  I also wish they had a photo of this instead of simply a sketch.

So yeah, I dunno.

Butterick has a new Victorian pattern out.            

B6305 is described as an 1870s-1880s outfit, which is a pretty darn broad period but whatever.  I can't really tell if the skirt looks narrow because the model isn't wearing petticoats or if it's cut that way.  This doesn't have any bustle, just a big butt bow.  And overall it's sort of underwhelming, in my opinion.  I think if this is a look you're going for, you'd be much better served by using the period accurate Truly Victorian patterns.  Of course, they don't go on deep discounted sale regularly like the Big 3.

Basically, this is fine, but I've seen very similar looks done much better.  The detail on the bottom of the skirt is very nice.  The overskirt is just very blah.  I'm sure you can use this pattern to make a lovely steampunk outfit, though, so there you go.

Simplicity has a couple new patterns of interest.

First there's 8023, which just seems to be an update of a pattern they usually have some version of: men's and boy's vests and ties. The collared vests work well for Victorian dress, so this is good to have.

And then there's this very interesting pattern: Simplicity 8020.  It's labeled "Misses Sportswear" and includes two skirts, a very Victorian-esque jacket/blouse and a funky top hat with a bonnet-style brim.  In short, it's pretty darn steampunk-for-everyday.  With a blouse, at least, that would work great for costume.

I'm interested to get a close look at this one, since it's made with fleece and felt, in part.Plus I really want those skull fabrics.

Finally there's one steampunk-related pattern from Simplicity that I missed last time around.  Because it was in the Craft section.  Steampunk doll clothes!  Almost makes me wish I still owned my American Girl doll.  (Samantha the Victorian, naturally.)

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  1. McCall's 7306 is definitely an interesting pattern. I like the idea of having the ruffled shorts and collar if you want them though. hoop skirt of just the hoops? could be cool if done right, but i'd rather see an actual picture too like you.