Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Corsetmaking Resources and Tutorials

Here is a list of the corsetmaking posts on this blog:

Some Thoughts on Corsets - A discussion of what is and isn't a corset and things to keep in mind when shopping for corsets.
Corset Patterns - A list of links to all major corset patterns, along with thoughts on each.
How to Tell a Quality Corset from a Not-so-great Corset - especially if you're just looking at pictures on the internet.
A Roundup of Links to Corset Information Elsewhere

Corsetmaking Series
Corsetmaking Part 1: Drafting and Mock-Up
Corsetmaking Part 2: Corset Materials - What materials to use and where to buy them.
Corsetmaking Part 3: Corset Construction - A discussion of the three best ways to construct a corset, with pros and cons of each and links to tutorials.
Corsetmaking Part 4: The Folded Seam Method of Corset Construction - A step-by-step tutorial of my favorite corset construction method and the one I recommend to beginners.

Other Tutorials:
How to Correctly Insert Grommets - Step-by-step tutorial on inserting grommets so that they won't pop out.
How to Add Faux Exterior Channels to a Corset - Tutorial on adding faux channels to a corset.
Repairing a Worn Corset - How to reinforce the rear edges of a worn corset to extend its life.
Cutting and Tipping Steel Bones with Heat Shrink Tubing

Corset Myths Series:
Corset Myth #1: Corsets are Painful
Corset Myth #2: You Can't Breathe in a Corset
Corset Myth #3: Corsets are Bad for Your Health

Corset Buying Advice Series:
Corset Buying Advice and Where Not To Buy a Corset, Part 1
Where Not to Buy a Corset, Part 2: Corset Story 
Where You SHOULD Buy a Corset, Part 1
Where You SHOULD Buy a Corset, Part 2


  1. hi! I've just discovered your blog and I love it! I've always wanted to make a corset and this looks like the place where I can learn how :D

  2. Would you take a commission to make a custom corset? I can sort of hand sew, I've never really tried machine sewing, and I'm very big and squishy. No off the rack corsets really fit right, and I love the shape you got with your Cleopatra corset. I have a natural 52 inch waist, but can get down to a 40, with a 58ish bust, and I haven't found any ready made corsets with that extreme of a difference for anyone above a 32 inch waist. I'm in Oklahoma, just outside Tulsa.

    1. Yes, I do accept commissions. It would have to be fitted long-distance with mock-ups done through the mail. I actually haven't had the opportunity to make a corset for someone with your kind of figure and would like to. Email me at steamingenious (at) and we can talk all about it.