Monday, August 27, 2012


Links to all the Tutorials on this blog

How I Made My Bustle Skirt
How to Make a Bustle Pad and Why You Should
How to Make a Victorian Cravat or Ascot
How to Bustle a Skirt
Making Patches with a Laser Printer
Upsizing a Pattern
Welt Pocket Tutorial (aka Those %&(%^#$ Welt Pockets)
Making a Corset with the Folded Seam Method
How to Insert Grommets
How to Make a Bustle Skirt from a Window Panel
How to Make Medals
How to Paint a Steampunk Gun
Cutting and Tipping Steel Corset Bones with Heat Shrink Tubing
Repairing a Worn Corset
Adding Faux Exterior Channels to a Corset
Recovering a Parasol
DIY Steampunk Boot/Ankle Cuffs
Painting a Steampunk Gun with Textured Paint
Modern Boots to Victorian Evening Boots
Adding Lace with a Serger

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  1. How do you attach "swing Hooks"? any links would be helpful thank you.