Wednesday, August 17, 2016

New Cosplay by McCall's Patterns: Renegade and Sentinel

Today Cosplay by McCall's has released two new patterns in their premium line.

I'm really excited about the first one, Renegade.

It's a plus size corset pattern from Anachronism in Action, with a laced halter top.   I remember the first time Kelly made a corset with this top, so I'm super excited she's released a pattern for what is one of her signature pieces.

 It's only available in plus sizes, due to apparent high demand for plus size corset patterns.  Smaller sized people are going to have to do some pattern modification for once if they want to use this one.

The back view is the really exciting part, as you can see how the belt and harness top connect.  This is a look that can work with a lot of potential styles from a sexy modern club look to a more steampunk antique feel.

Plus if you don't like the top, this is just a nice, fairly standard plus sized underbust pattern. There are two different plus sizes for this pattern, going up to a 32W size, which should really cover a ton of women.  It's great to see them expanding their size offerings.

The second pattern released is Sentinel, a more medieval fantasy styled costume.

It consists of a tunic, vest, separate hood, and bracers.  While this isn't obviously steampunk, I do really like the design.

The tunic is very attractive and could probably work for everyday clothing if you're adventurous.  And the vest has a nice shape that could be used in a steampunk outfit as well.  All together these pieces say fantasy, but as individual pieces I think they could work in a variety of looks.

What do you guys think?  Is this line of patterns doing a good job of appealing to you?

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  1. These are the first ones that really tempt me...both very nice, and usable in many ways. I'm only interested in pattern which are versatile, especially as these are very pricey. Nice!