Friday, March 11, 2016

Recent finished corset commissions

Here are a couple of my recent finished projects.  At the moment I'm not getting anything done, as I'm bedridden with my back again.  I'm really hoping I'm doing better next week, as I'm attending All-Con in Dallas and presenting two different corset panels.  And I would like to be able to enjoy the con!

But anyway here are a couple things I got accomplished in the last couple months.

  A foundation corset for a repeat customer with a large bust.  Who says you can't waist train with an overbust?  You can with a well-fitted one.   Two layers of nude spot broche coutil, 3/8" spiral bones reinforced front busk.

Silk brocade custom underbust with vintage lace applique.  The black-on-black nature makes it hard to photograph.  And of course the fact that it doesn't really fit my form.

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