Thursday, May 7, 2015

A few more new Steamy Patterns

Today and tomorrow Joann's has Simplicity patterns for $0.99.  So naturally I'm going to pick up some things.  I don't even care I will probably never use so many of my patterns.  WHAT IF I NEED THEM ONE DAY?

Simplicity has a couple new patterns that might be of interest for steampunk.

First is Simplicity 1138, which they call a "Dark Faerie" costume.  It definitely has steampunk potential.  I like the vest and jacket (and that they don't call the vest a corset!).

Next it seems they are re-releasing their Civil War Undergarments pattern with a new pattern number.  The photos at least are the same as they were.  It would be nice if they had changed the sizing of the corset to be more accurate, but assuming they haven't remember to go down two sizes from whatever their chart says.

I'm not sure if this was out-of-print for a while or not, but it's a decent pattern for period clothing, so it's good to have.

Butterick has one new Victorian era pattern, a rather boring maid outfit or plain dress.  I mean, if you want to do a maid, you're in luck!   But it's probably more useful for theater than steampunk.

I have some exciting things coming for this blog and happening behind the scenes; don't worry about the lack of frequent posting, I have not given up, I'm just reorganizing my life right now.  :)

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