Tuesday, September 9, 2014

State of the Baroness, September Edition

I have been neglecting this blog for the last couple of weeks, I know.  I've been dealing with a bad flare of my back condition that left me almost totally incapable of walking for a few days, and then a week of recovery from that, and a new flare this past weekend.

And while typing up posts for a blog would seem like something it'd be easy to do from bed, when I'm in pain it's really difficult to concentrate enough to produce anything worthwhile.  Mostly I just want escapism.

I DO have a mostly complete tutorial to put together, but I'm missing some photos of the finished item, which require me to be mobile at a time when I have someone to take photos of me and the weather cooperates.

I also have been on a break from reading steampunk books.  Every so often I reach a steampunk overload and I get to the point where I can't keep different steampunk novels straight and I'm not enjoying them anymore. I recently have got some sequels to read of first novels I know I enjoyed, but have absolutely no memory of other than possibly, "There was steampunk?"

So I'm reading some traditional sci-fi and fantasy (Lois McMaster Bujold, right now, damn I love her.)

I am also sewing when I can, working on corset commissions and getting stock made for my next vending event.

I have had to pull out of Steampunk Invasion, which is this coming weekend in Dallas.  I was attending and presenting a corsetmaking panel, but I've unfortunately had to cancel for health reasons.  The following weekend I'm vending at Weird West Fest in Giddings, TX and I'm afraid if I push myself to go to the Invasion I will be in bad physical shape for the following weekend's event.

After that my next event is Steampunk November, which is one of the most fun events EVER and it's going to be awesome.  I applied to both vend and present panels at Aetherfest in San Antonio in November, but I was apparently not selected so I'm not certain I'll be able to attend.  Although I have loved that event in the past, I am quite worried by the chaos that seems to be surrounding its planning this year.

So that's me and that's what's going on.

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  1. I know what they say about the value of free advice but please indulge an old lady for just a moment.

    You write an excellent steampunk blog but honestly, it doesn't mean you're welded to that subject. The first post I ever read here was your tut on welt pockets. Not very steampunk saturated but a great post nonetheless. It made me an instant fan. And nothing sucks the joy out of something faster than feeling like you "have to". So write about what is inspiring you at the moment. You will make it interesting, I'm sure.

    And don't feel like every post has to be epic. If you only have the energy or enthusiasm for a one paragraph post, then post that paragraph, enjoy the accomplishment, and retire with a heating pad and hot tea. Hot tea always feels like pampering even if you have to make it yourself.