Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Finds: Jamberry Nail Wraps

Ok, when you are seeing this, I will be busy vending at Comicpalooza in Houston.  So forgive me for a little self-promotion in the form of something I think some of you might appreciate.

I recently discovered Jamberry Nail Wraps.  They are vinyl nail wraps that last for up to 14 days and come in lots of cool designs.  I tried them and love them so much that I became a consultant for them and am now selling them.  I originally bought them for conventions because I hate doing my nails to match my outfits, but only having them only look decent for the first day!  But now I want to never stop wearing them.

So anyway, if you want to hear more about them including my application tips, I have a LONG post on my personal blog about them.  You can order them through me here.

I'll share some of the more steampunk appropriate designs.

Victorian Lace
Black & White Damask
Lace Noir
Queen Anne
Decorative Silver
& White
Gold Fishnet
Metallic Mirror
& Gold
Urban Lights
Tin Tip

Black Tie Affair
on Neutral

White Skulls
on Black
Gold Sparkle
Uno Mo Mo
Black Lace (Clear)

That's just a sample.  There are hundreds of designs, although a lot of them ARE very modern and bright.  Check them all out!

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