Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Finds: Steampunk Poster Art

I have a huge affinity for poster art of all kinds and some of my favorite are retro-styled posters with steampunk subject matter.  In a world where I had infinite money for decorating I'd want to cover the walls of a room with these.

I love this Art Deco steampunk poster by artist Garth FT.  It's got lovely dieselpunk elements thrown in.

This Great Western Air Ship ad is part of a fantastic series available to purchase from Brian Giberson.

I love this adorable poster print from Dr. Geof.  Public service messages are important.

A fantastic mission statement for all of steampunk, with great detail.  Available for sale by Waxwork and Daring.

I love the artist's conception of the bottom-rung job on an airship being "ballast."  Artist Bradley W. Schenck has a ton of retro posters, not many steampunk, it seems.

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