Monday, December 23, 2013

Best of Steam Ingenious - 2013

It's strange to look back on the past year of this blog.  Although I'm proud of a number of things I've done here in the past year, I realize I intended to do more.  Especially in terms of tutorials.  My attention has been distracted quite a lot by my seamstress and corsetmaking business.  One of my resolutions for 2014 is to set aside time to create some awesome tutorials for the blog.  I have the ideas, I just have to actually DO them.

But here are my favorite posts from this past year.  Check them out if you missed any of them!

I'm sure there are a few corsetmaking forums that are tired of me linking to this post every time the topic of tipping bones comes up.  But this seriously has CHANGED MY LIFE!  I have always hated tipping bones and this is such a quick, easy, and clean way of doing it, that I can't stop telling people about it.

Inventing this gun-painting technique is something I'm really proud of.  It's simple, quick, and ends up looking fairly impressive.  Plus, it doesn't require you to be very good at painting!

My only really huge costume project of the year!  The Steampunk Cleopatra was finished in February, but only really got worn towards the summer.

My Handheld Energy Cannon is another creation I've proud of.   It took a while to turn my perfect thrift store lamp into this gun, but it was worth it.

On The Subject Of "Gluing A Gear On It" - Probably my most popular post of the year, excepting the 2172 contest.  I'm glad that people resonated with this essay celebrating decorative gears.

Tutorial: DIY Boot/Ankle Cuffs to add a little steam to any pair of boots.


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I hope you all are having/have had/will have a Happy Holidays!

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