Saturday, November 2, 2013

"Your Best 2172" Contest VOTING!!

Entries for the 2172 contest have now closed and we have an AMAZING group of costumes.  They are all so pretty I honestly don't know how I'm going to choose my judge's choice winner.  Luckily, I don't have to do that yet, because we have two weeks of open voting first.

So check out all the entries, click on the links to see ALL the photos of each and in some cases read about their creation.  Don't forget to leave comments where you can to let the creators know what you think of their work!

And then somehow pick your favorite and vote for it!  One vote per IP address to keep things fair.  Entrants, go ask all your friends to vote for you, cause I know you want to brag on your work!

Voting will be open for two weeks and officially ends at midnight on November 16.  I will announce the winners that next Monday the 18th (after somehow making my choice....ah!).  Remember there will be two main winners: People's Choice, i.e. who gets the most votes, and Judges' Choice (eek).

I MIGHT also have some runner's up places, but that might be even more difficult to pick from this great group.

NOTE: The VOTE button is ABOVE each photo!  It's a little confusing, unfortunately I don't think I can alter the way it displays.


  1. Arrgh how to choose! They are so amazing! Sobs

  2. I vote for the 20 : I'm fond of this Tardis version :D

  3. OK, I agree with Laura, Arrgh!! which do I chose??? They all are fantastic. I absolutely love #3, 7, 10, 12, and 13. Some did not show the back of the coat, so I disqualified them. Sorry, just a way for me to narrow down the choices. Loving the buckle straps on #13 and the chains on #7. I vote for #13, no wait! #7, no wait #13, yes, yes #13

  4. Lovely selection and some great alterations of the pattern. Had to vote for 13 as it's the one I'd choose to wear myself but loved the details on 7.

  5. I LOVE 21!!! It looks like it was professionally made! Very detailed. Delicate but bold, just beautiful!

  6. Are the winners to be posted today?

    1. That's very strange. Try going to the blog homepage. It's the first post.