Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Finds: Steampunk Bathroom Decor at Target

Ok, so this ISN'T a sponsored post, though it will read like one, and it's literally a find in that it's something I stumbled on today.

So I was at Target purely to waste some time between doctor appointments today.  I couldn't even buy anything (ANYTHING) because it's the day-before-payday and we're totally broke.  But I was looking at the Halloween stuff and wandered over to the bath section.


They have a new line of bath decor called Threshold, and it's based on an antique look, I guess.

I took these pictures in the store.

My favorite is probably the Threshold Antique Glass, which comes in several colors.  It might actually be neat to mix the colors for an eclectic look.

But they also have a Brass collection, Mercury Glass collection, Oil Can Beach Glass collection, and others.

I'm probably a total dork for getting this excited, but I just really like the look of some of this stuff and think it would work really well in a steampunk-themed bath room.  And yes, now I really want to redo my bathroom all steampunk.  *sigh*

So whatcha think?

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  1. The Threshold line at Target also includes equally steampunky lighting :)

    1. Yes, some of them show up on the pages I linked to. I avoided the lamp aisles because I already know they have lamps I don't need but really want. :)

  2. I don't sew, but I CAN decorate! Love these items from Target! Been thinking about changing out the d├ęcor in the hall bathroom. Something with a steampunk flair is a definite contender now. Thanks for the info! May have to hurry on down to Target on my lunch break today.

    1. I'm glad someone else gets excited about this stuff, too! ;)

  3. I've been needing some new bathroom stuff & Target is right next door. I may have to get this to decorate the bottles:
    Boringlibrarian in Waco

  4. I was at my local Target the other day, and we really seem to miss out up in Canada on a lot of what other folks get.. everything was sparse and looked picked-over... and I didn't see ANYTHING like this :( (Not that I need to update my bathroom, but still!
    - not annony!

  5. Sooo nice but I have a boring rental bathroom that doesn't really deserve such splendour!