Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Finds: Steampunk Holiday Decor Ideas

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Ok, it's ALMOST time to think about Holiday decorations.  Is anyone going for a steampunk theme to their holiday decor this year?  Here are some of my favorite ideas.

Steampunk Clock Hand Ornaments by Antiquities - This seller made the first clock hand ornaments I saw, at least two years ago and I've been in love with them since.  Yes, you can DIY these, but probably not at these prices!  I've purchased from this seller and been very happy.

I LOVE this idea from Pinterest, of a handmade upcycled steampunk stocking.  But the only source for this photo is a Pinterest upload, so if anyone would like to claim this idea or creation, please come forward.  It's my favorite steampunk stocking I've seen because it's so much in the DIY and repurposed spirit of steampunk.

How about some little Mad Hatter hats to decorate your tree or mantle?  These are made from cereal boxes and scrapbook paper and the hat pins are beads on long sewing pins.   See the detailed tutorial at Seeing Things The Aren't Really There.

Check out this amazing tree by a former professional florist.  The whole tree is dripping gears, metal springs, full sized hats and googles, and full sized steampunk guns.  You have to see all the photos at his blog, here.

Would you like to get a start on some steamy ornaments?  How about a free printable vintage hot air balloon ornament?  Get yours here at Sparkle Power.

And here is a template and tutorial from Austin Sirkin on making a garland of interlocking gears that is really neat.

There are a million more steampunk ornament and decor ideas on my Steampunk Ornament and Xmas Pinboard.  Plus, I've just discovered there is a Steampunk Christmas Facebook Group!  I'm not done with steampunking Christmas yet.   But first I have to survive Thanksgiving!

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  1. Those Steampunk clock hand ornaments are gorgeous! I've already bought some! :) I may also have to try the Matter Hatter tutorial