Saturday, September 2, 2017

New Fall Sewing Patterns Megapost!


Simplicity has released a 1950's vintage pattern for a slip/petticoat.  The only thing to judge on is the drawings on the front, but they look nice and full.  But it doesn't seem to include any tulle or net to make these super stiff.  But you could add some, of course.  So it might be useful for various retro/rockabilly looks.

Along a similar line, Simplicity 8458 is a pattern for vintage skirts.  I like the button detail and contrast trim on the one skirt.  It has a vaguely dieselpunk-ish feel to it.

This cape pattern is part of Simplicity's "pattern hacking" line, which I guess means it has a lot of different details you can add?  But I like the cape with the tabs a lot, and if you do any steampunk events in winter, I HIGHLY recommend a warm cape.  My wool cape was wonderful at Steampunk November last year and I was warm for the first time at that event.

Maybe capes are going to be "in" because New Look also has a cape pattern, in 4 lengths from super short capelet to mid-calf.  There are also several styles of collars, but they don't do a huge amount for me.

This costume pattern for women has a Firefly flair (and Rogue One?).  It also could be a good base for a steampunk outfit with a Western or post-apocalyptic flair.  The vest with side buckles and the holster are especially neat.


This 18th century dress pattern looks like something that would work for both Outlander and Hamilton costumes.  It's not bad for a Big 3 pattern, it looks fairly accurate, despite the lack of proper corset underpinning.

This Yaya Han pattern is for an assortment of fascinators, including mini-top hat, mini-tricorn, and mini-witches hat.  They look ok, but I feel like we've seen similar patterns before.  The witches hat looks a little disappointing.  But it might be worth picking up

This coat with a long and short variation has the feel of a Once Upon a Time costume, but my knowledge of that show is limited to people telling me various sewing patterns are based on it.  Regardless of its inpiration, both looks are quite steampunk.  I like the way the back falls.  I think if you adjusted the collar a bit it would look less cartoony.


This is one of Butterick's Making History patterns.  It looks like an early Victorian pattern, but I find it pretty boring.  It doesn't look well-fit or very period accurate either.

This single-breasted jacket and pants pattern is pretty much "boring historical costume, men's edition."  I mean, it's fine?  But, yeah.

Here is the REST of that costume, as a second pattern.  That kinda annoys me, but whatever.  This is much more interesting to me, with a nice vest/waistcoat and overcoat.  And it makes the whole outfit look better/more like Newt Scamander, which I think may be what they're going for.

Cosplay by McCall's

This Cosplay pattern is apparently an original design.  I'm sharing it for the corset, which has an interesting shape, though it's not very curvy.  I'm not sure the arm and leg braces would actually stay in place, but if you need similar pieces, then this could be a base pattern, I guess.

This belly dance costume has something of a steampunk flair.  It includes the pattern for the bra with chain detail, a pretty uninspiring bolero, a belt with gather and beading, and a long ruffled skirt/wrap thing.  If you're looking for ideas or pieces for a belly dancer with a 19th century feel, this is pretty decent.  The long skirt could also be used with pretty much any steampunk costume.

The bra is made from scratch and includes an underwire, but the pattern says it's made to fit a b-cup and there's no other option.  Including in the plus-size of the pattern, which, when was the last time you saw a size 22 woman with a B-cup bust?  So the bra is essentially useless unless you are a B-cup, which is very disappointing.

Finally there's this strange pattern called "Hornery" which includes two styles of horned headdresses.  The horns are sewn from fabric or faux leather, and the pattern is pretty detailed on construction.  I mean, so, if you need horns, this could be useful.  I have to kinda admire the boldness of this.  It could come in handy if you need ideas for a fantasy masquerade costume.

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