Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Cosplay by McCall's: Prelude and Hitched

I have some actual content coming soon, but I had to let you guys know about a couple of new patterns from Cosplay by McCall.

Prelude is a pattern with three styles of bloomers: a short and long version of voluminous bloomers and a lovely pleated style.  All three have a real antique feel to them (although I can't say they're accurate, as they seem to all be closed-crotch.)  But these really look different to some other patterns that tend towards skimpier and less blousy, more modern looks.  

I really love my bloomers and the days I wear those for steampunk, because it is a more dressed-down casual, comfortable look.  So this pattern looks like a great one to use.   And this is the kind of pattern that I don't think exists, so I'm really happy to see it.

Hitched is the second new pattern, and it's just a hi-low skirt in three lengths.  There's a short version which seems a little pointless for steampunk, but also a medium (two back tiers) and long (three back tiers) version.   The medium and long versions have D-rings attached to the front for gathering the front up with ribbon.

I have to say that I do really like this skirt.  If I'm looking to criticize I would say there could be a bit more volume in it, and that having only the skirt makes the pattern fairly expensive.

But the D-rings are a really good idea I wish I'd had first.

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  1. On the plus side for Hitched, it does have lots of seams in the yoke to make it easier to alter for correct fit.