Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday Finds: Casual Steampunk from ModCloth

It's been a while since I did a collection of steampunky items from Modcloth.  I'm an affiliate with them, so I get a commission on any sales.  But I also think it's cool to look for modern fashion that would work for daily wear OR a steampunk outfit.

Modcloth is having a 50% off sale on a lot of items for labor day.  Check out the sale here, even if you don't get any of these items.

First of all...guys, guys.  Look.  It's boot season again, and there's no shortage of knee-high leather boots with buckles that would work great for steampunk.  But LOOK at the corset style lacing up the back of these.  I'm totally in lust.  In fact, I'm very tempted to buy these for myself... On Vocation Time Boot in Wine

While capes may not always seem like the most practical choice, in fact they're super warm and a great addition in winter.  It's like having a wearable blanket to snuggle with.  The fact that this one is reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes is a bonus.   Pardon my French Quarter Cape

I love the all-purpose nature of this tote bag.  Purse, briefcase, convention bag, whatever.  And would fit in perfectly with a variety of steampunk personas OR modern styles.  Camp Director Tote 

Not QUITE period, but only because of the inside zipper.  But otherwise these are the perfect boots to go with a wide variety of Victorian or Steampunk outfits.  Only a few sizes left, though (which is probably good for me cause they're out of my size.) From The Same Same Cloth Boot

Who doesn't love a good military style jacket?  This has nice details in the buttons and gathered sleeve caps, but it's not too extreme for the office.  I Glam Hardly Believe It Jacket

More boots!  Chunky heels and lots of laces, but with the convenience of a zipper (I HATE lacing up tall boots).  The price is also really affordable. And how could I leave this off the list with a name like Picking Up Steampunk Boot

This is a super cute set of plastic bottles meant for airline carry-on travel.  And while they are cute for that, I'm thinking they're IDEAL as parts of a costume.  They look great for attaching to any belt, bracer, hat or whatever, plus they're plastic so you don't have to worry about breaking them.  Set the Wheels in Potion Set

This is definitely a piece that's going to look different depending on what you wear it with.  It could go from Lolita to Boho to Post-apocalyptic with the right accessories. Office-ticated Appeal Jacket 

Yes, more boots.  More CORSET LACED boots.  These are gorgeous, but also really pricey.  But hey, sometimes boots are worth it.  Genre Queen Boot

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  1. Lovely finds! Thank you for sharing (aesthetically, that is, I'm not sure if my wallet is too happy!)