Wednesday, August 3, 2016

New Butterick Historical Patterns

B6397 has 4 different hat patterns.  This Victorian style, a pillbox hat, a broad brimmed hat, and what looks something like a beret.  (Only the Victorian and the pillbox style have photos.)  I adore this style of Victorian women's hat, perfect to wear with updos.  This will make a stylish and different option for a steampunk costume.

B6400 Boned, Back-Pleat Jackets - This looks like a fairly historically accurate Victorian bodice pattern, with a few subtle variations.  (Not sure why they call it a jacket instead of a bodice, other than they are trying to use modern terms to avoid confusion?)  There are three different cosmetic variations to the front and two styles of back pleats, all pretty attractive.  I like this military-style front the best.  I would like to see a made-up photo rather than just drawings, but this is probably a good pattern to have if you do Victorian costume.

B6398 - Misses Gloves in 6 Styles - 6 Styles of Historical women's gloves, short, medium, and long in length.  I have an older version of this pattern, so I think this is just a slight update from another Making History pattern.  I do like these half-lace gloves pictured.

B6399 - Misses Drop Waist Dress with Oversized Bow - I love this particular 1920s style, and it's definitely the one I would try to make for myself were I going to costume in that period.  This is a really pretty example, and a good addition to existing patterns.

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