Thursday, April 28, 2016

Cosplay by McCall's New Patterns: Belle Rogue and Belle Noir

McCall's is continuing to release very interesting patterns in their new cosplay line.  Today's two new patterns are designed by Ichigo Black and are influenced by Japanese goth, lolita, and steampunk styles.  I have to personally admit I don't know enough about Japanese fashion trends to know if these patterns fit any specific style.  I know they aren't really lolita, but I can see the influence.

So anyway, here they are.

Belle Noir is interesting.  It includes a blouse, two layer skirt, bustle overskirt, detached sleeves and a fascinator.   So I guess the big question for readers of this blog is: "Is this steampunk?"   And I'm pretty comfortable saying yes.  As you can see from the side-view below it's got a Victorian silhouette to the skirt/bustle.  So it feels like a modern take on Steampunk.  It's not your traditional steampunk outfit, but I feel like we can desperately use some different interpretations of the style.

And this would look totally different in colors other than black, as well.  It's difficult to make out all the layers and details with it all in black.  (My old goth soul hates me for saying that.)

So yeah, I like it.

And here is the second pattern: Belle Rogue.  (Ok, part of me is wondering if that was supposed to be Belle Rouge to go with Belle Noir.  But whatever.)

So this pattern includes "Corset, skirt and accessories."  The corset top is one piece, then the tulle skirt with overskirt is one piece, with a detachable train.  And it includes hair bow and wrist cuffs.

So I LOVE the skirt.  The look of the layered and striped tulle with pulled up overskirt is fantastic.  The train is nice, but doesn't do much for me personally.  This does have a gothic bridal look to it, though, so it would work for that.

I am not very impressed by the look of the corset.  It is "lined and boned" but looks to fit very loosely (probably because of too much ease in the pattern sizing) and doesn't really have much in terms of shape.  I think if you want to recreate this look, you'd probably be better served using a different corset pattern (like Laced from this same line) and making it in alternating red and black fabric.

But the skirt is fantastic.  So once again, these patterns are only available from the site.  You can see my other reviews of this pattern line here.   And in the next day or so I'll be posting a detailed review of one of the new corset patterns, with my test fittings.

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