Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Finds: Random Tutorials

I haven't been keeping up with Friday Finds because, for one, I've been too busy with other stuff to spend much time surfing for cool steampunk things.  And also because when I do find stuff it doesn't fit into nice categories for making a nice thematic post.  So I'm giving up on themes and just going to throw stuff at y'all when I feel like it.

My jaw dropped open when this Steamer Trunk Refrigerator appeared on my FB feed.  This wasn't even intentionally steampunk, but DAMN, it's gorgeous.  I want to do this to my ugly white fridge so much, but now I'm afraid it would just up and die as soon as it was gorgeous.  She explains her process here.

How to make a Victorian or Steampunk Flounced Petticoat.

A really great, in depth tutorial of making either a traditional underwear petticoat or a steampunk adjustable version.

Steampunk on a Thrift Store Budget  - A Guide to thrifting for steampunk with some good points.  I think things are a bit more open if you are willing/able to modify items, but this is definitely food for thought.

How to Build Your Own Junk Light

A neat guide to putting together lamps from old junk, including how to completely wire it.

That's it for today!  I hope everyone has a fantastic Halloween and weekend.  It will doubtless be better than mine since I've had to cancel my plans in order to stay in bed with my back.

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  1. The steamer trunk fridge looks amazing, but like you, I don't dare do this to an expensive appliance! don't want to be the one to kill it!