Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New Steampunk Patterns: Butterick Fall

New Pattern Day!  It's like Christmas, except a lot more often.

Butterick has several interesting additions to their pattern line-up.

B6093 - This dress has an Edwardian/1910s feel to it, though I think it could work for steampunk with all that lace and the sleeve detail.

B6108 - Now this is DIRECTLY 1910s, Titanic era fashion.  I think the anniversary of the start of WWI is inspiring interest in these looks.  BUT again I think this could be very interesting incorporated into a steampunk ensemble.  At the very least, it's definitely dieselpunk.

The next pattern is pretty clearly aimed at a Halloween/Renaissance festival audience, but it has some promise.

B6114  - The pattern includes two versions of a short chemise, a short, feminine pirate coat, and an underbust "vest" bodice.

                                                                                 I actually find the individual pieces pretty appealing.  The long-sleeved chemise is pretty and I like the coat.  The "vest" is probably perfect if you're looking for an underbust style bodice.  Just please wear a bra with it and don't call it a corset.  ;)

B6113 - This one is very costume-y but I thought I'd include it for completeness.  It's really just a princess dress for all ages, but I can see someone call it steampunk, since it's definitely not historically accurate.  I think it could be made cool, but mostly looks cheap.

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