Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New McCall's Early Fall 2014 Steampunk Patterns

 McCalls has released their Early Fall collection and there are several patterns of note.

First there are two costumey patterns that made me do a doggie head tilt.  I'm not sure WHAT these are really going for, but I think maybe this is someone somewhere's idea of steampunk.

McCall 6999 - Maybe it's supposed to be Lolita? The bodices have tails.  I'm a bit confused.

McCall 7005 This is actually a Halloween apron with matching "gauntlets" and some home decor items.  I can't tell if they're going for pirate, steampunk, or steampunk pirate.  Some of the accessories looks like superheros.  Sometimes their logic escapes me.

BUT, they have also given us an ACTUAL steampunk pattern.  And guess what?  IT'S FOR MEN!  IT'S ABOUT TIME!

McCall 7003 - I likes it.  It's not exactly groundbreaking, but it's a nice Victorian set of trousers, vest, frock coat, and cravat.  Although the more I look at it, the more disappointed I am.  This is basically the existed men's Western/Victorian pattern from Simplicity but with trousers and tie.   I wish the coat and vest had a few options to make this more useful.

Finally, to complete their steampunk for everyone collection, it's time for DOGGIE STEAMPUNK COSTUMES!

McCall 7004 - GUYS.  LOOK AT THESE COSTUMES.  LOOK AT THE LITTLE GOGGLES AND GEARS.  I'm not even a dog person, but I might have to borrow one.  I'm pretty sure none of my cats would wear these.


  1. The men's one is nice, although as you said, it has been done before. The dog's one is fantastic!

  2. I'd love to try one of the dog's costumes on my cats :P (But I don't think they would agree :( )

  3. I've made the Simplicity jacket, this McCalls one looks to be slightly more generously cut. I'll have to pick it up, just in case.

    1. Yes, I do like the cut slightly more, especially in the sleeves. I've made the vest from the Simplicity pattern, but not the coat.

  4. My pug Rocky would've totally rocked that Sherlock costume. Alas, he moved back with his parents, and my Siamese is much less amenable to costumery. :/