Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Event: The Brass Ball

Hi everyone!

On Sunday night I vended at the inaugural Brass Ball hosted by Deja Noir at Zimm's in Houston.  Deja Noir is a new goth night and they will be having monthly themed events.  Their first theme was steampunk, and they reached out to the local steampunk community to make the event great.

I think it was a success!  There's been a conversation in the local steampunk community about the need for smallish and more regular steampunk events and I think this was a great example.  It wasn't exactly complicated, just a DJ, two largeish vendors and a couple of artists and smaller vendors.  The bar itself is nice and the decor totally worked for steampunk, and lots of attendees put good effort into their outfits, even if they obviously weren't habitual steampunks.

My table
My friend Drew,
runner up of the Best Dressed contest
I was mostly tethered to the general area of my table, but it seems like a good time was had by all.  I enjoyed spending some chill conversation time with people I know from the community but haven't spent all that much time talking to.  There's not always enough time to just chat at conventions with everyone's schedules conflicting, so it's nice to just socialize.

I also had fun selling to random drunk people who had no idea what the hell was going on, but wanted fancy outfits, too.  Random drunk people are the best customers.  :)

The evening was topped by a Best Dressed Contest, which was fun since no one took it too seriously.

Some friends
Unfortunately the night was marred for me by the fact that my car was broken into and several bags of mine and my husband's belongings stolen.  I absolutely can't blame the venue or any of the organizers for that, of course, and it sucks because otherwise it was a delightful evening.  Financially we did pretty well on sales, but of course the repairs to the smashed window and replacement costs of our property outweigh what we made.   Besides the fact that it's really disturbing to return to an area of Houston that I once called home and have that happen.  (In fact, the first night we met, my husband and I went to Zimm's, the very bar where the event was held. )
And me.  I was told pictures look better
 when you look to the left.  I'll buy it.

So the past few days have been a bit stressful.  Please don't talk to me about insurance companies.  No, really, don't.

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic event! I love Goth clubs and would love more Steampunk events. I am sorry that awful people ruined it for you!