Monday, June 16, 2014

Portfolio: Costume

 (Left) Victorian 1880s bustle dress
(Right) Overbust brocade corset with matching Victorian skirt, bolero, and overskirt.

Bustle skirt, jacket, overbust corset.

(Left) Victorian Vest, shirt, cravat, Leather hat, military styled spats.

(Right) Steampunk vest with epaulettes, military sidecap, spats.

(Above) Peacock Mini top hat from scratch, for matching outfit.

(Left) Victorian women's Riding Hat

Steampunk Cleopatra costume, recreation and variation on an extant photograph, using Victorian patterns.  Corset, trained underskirt, pleated and bustled overskirt, accessories.
Edwardian ensemble: jacket, skirt and top hat, commission.


  1. I love the first and last outfits best! The last one is really inspiring!

  2. I'm lovin the hats- they are beautiful. I just want to design a whole bunch of them.