Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Finds: Spring Steampunk from Modcloth

A Bite Out Of Time Clock - Whether you see this as a Peter Pan reference or not, I just like the quirkiness of this piece.

Comin' Through Bicycle Horn - I see this used, not on a bike, but on your custom steampunk conveyance.  Or whatever.

Everything is Heirloom-inated Top - A classy top that works for modern office wear or for steampunk.

The Best of Times Heels  - If I wore heels, I'd be all over these.  They come in a few more colors, if caramel doesn't work for you.

Thirst Order of Business Vacuum Bottle - How stylish is this bottle with a classic hot air balloon and the title of "The Adventurer".  So whatever libations you need to carry!

Tentacle-y Speaking Dress - It's a cute dress with octopuses on it!  Although this dress is totally too short for me, I've now decided it's a life mission to make a retro styled dress in an octopus print.  Did you know it's harder to find octopus print fabric than you'd think?

Stained Glass Supplies Sandals - So I know some people think gladiator sandals go well with steampunk for summer.  I really like these because they seem very art nouveau.  I'm very tempted by these.


  1. Oh wow, totally found the ocotopus print here:

    1. Oo, yes. I found that fabric but most sources were out of stock.

    2. It's not that specific one, but here are many, many options.

  2. I adore that croc clock! If only I had spare money to spend on needless but awesome things!