Friday, April 25, 2014

I've discovered a few interesting things recently which don't fall into set categories, so time for a bit of a random Friday Finds.

Evermore Park - So this is a group planning to open a "Victorian Era Fantasy Adventure Park" in Pleasant Grove, Utah.  Their plan is really interesting and extremely ambitious.  It sounds fantastic, if they can actually pull it off.  The only thing that I think is very strange is that they say costumes will be encouraged only at special events.  It seems to me that if you're going to have this sort of thing, you want to encourage costumes by your attendees.  That's half the fun of any Renaissance Faire and a lot of the sales and commerce.  How much would it suck as a steampunk to attend a "Victorian Era Fantasy Park" and not get to dress up?  They also seem to be avidly avoiding the word steampunk, which is also a little strange.  There's an interview with them here.

I've mentioned more than once that Cherie Priest's novel Boneshaker, first in the Clockwork Century series, is probably my favorite steampunk book ever.  Well it's very soon going to be released as a fully dramatized and voiced audiobook/play/whathaveyou by GraphicAudio. You can bet I've already ordered my copy.

Laura at Laura After Midnight has released a new corset pattern and is celebrating with a month long sew-a-long on her blog.  Check out a month of tutorials on corset making! Corset Month

Finally, I got my copy of Steampunk for Simpletons in the mail and it's very nice.  There are some very nice tutorials in addition to the awesome educational information about steampunk as a subculture and a community which I reviewed earlier.  So if you haven't ordered a copy yet, you totally should.

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  1. Evermore might not want to seem like they're pushing costume because that could turn off a lot of muggles that might bring the kids, but won't if they think they can't wear their jeans & t-shirts. First get them there, and then let them see the fun of dressing up.