Monday, March 3, 2014

Twisted Gears 2014

So I spent Saturday vending an event in Houston: Twisted Gears.  This is the second time this mini-con has been held on the University of Houston campus, organized by the campus steampunk group.

The first Twisted Gears was a real success, with crowded panels and vendor room, and lots of lively conversation and socializing.

Unfortunately, this event wasn't as successful, due to a really low turnout.  I can only attribute this to a lack of promotion of the event and the fact that the location was really difficult to find.  I barely found it, and really only did because I spotted someone in Victorian dress in the parking lot.

I don't want to rag on the organizers too much, since it's organized by college student volunteers.  But anyone who is presenting an event has to understand that the amount of promotion prior to the event directly correlates to attendance.  And that you're more likely to get people showing up if information about your location, hours, events, etc, are easily available and clearly provided.

For such a small event I did quite well financially, and it was nice to spend time with some steampunk friends I haven't seen in a while.  I also met a few new people who were lovely.  I managed to get a few shots of people in interesting outfits.

For my own outfit, for once I did some mixing and matching.  I admit I'm getting bored of my outfits.  So I threw some ultra-cute bloomers together right before the event, and wore them with the black overskirt of my black and gray outfit and my patch corset.  I was actually a little worried about being cold with my shoulders bare, but it was really warm that day.  And when I got home the next day my porch was completely iced over.  (*sigh* Texas)

Yes, this was the best picture of me.
I need a new camera person.

So anyway, I was a little overheated in this, believe it or not.  But I'm in love with my bloomers.  Except I only realized after I was wearing this outfit that wearing pants under a skirt and a corset makes going to the bathroom really difficult.  No, they aren't split-crotch, since I intended to wear them alone.  But it's possible I could have planned this better.  I'm so used to just being able to lift all my skirty layers that it never crossed my mind.


  1. you should have asked me to take a pic of you...-Kpt. Sturmreiter

    1. Yeah, I meant to ask someone to go outside and take some pictures, but whenever people were around I was busy and no one was around when I was all "picture time." :)

  2. I think that was the problem with our last Steamfest in Australia, organisation problems, not well promoted. It's a shame because I think now it might not happen this year. I remember we were driving around to get there and we saw one poster for it, and that was down an alley! Also it was the same weekend as a 50s car festival.

    I am planning to make some bloomers. Just need the right pattern. I might do another mock up of the last ones I did but just in a larger size and then pull them in more at the waist and ankle, they weren't half poofy enough! :P

    1. Yeah, it's unfortunate when an event doesn't live up to its potential. Especially when that means it won't happen again.

      The bloomers I made were modified from the ones in the McCall 6770 pattern. They're not very poofy, but I like how they came out. I even wore them with street clothes and got compliments on them.

  3. I've seen low-turnout problems in some other events plenty of times, and I'm pretty sure that it's the same reason; haphazard promotion strategies. And the weather is another thing. While it wasn't that cold when the event started, you might've gotten sick with that dress. But that doesn't take away that it looks all kinds of awesome. And you've got a wondeful blog, definitely a recommended read for all stempunk afficionados out there! Good luck on your other projects!

    Shawn Carling @

    1. Yeah, it's too bad when promotion is lacking. There are a lot of reasons not to attend an event, but "not knowing about it" should really be one that organizers should try to make sure doesn't happen.

      And it was almost 80 degrees on Saturday, I wasn't in danger of frost bite! (Sunday it was freezing, granted.)