Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Upcoming Events for Steam Ingenious

Obviously there are lots and lots of steampunk events out there, and which ones you attend is going to depend on your location and means.  I'm limited to events in Texas mostly, due to travel and financial concerns.  But luckily, 2014 is looking to be a great year for steampunk in Texas.

Here is what I'm looking forward to attending this year (I'm sure there will be additions and changes to this list as the year progresses.)

First, it's a small event, but I'm hoping to make it to Sherwood Forest Faire this coming weekend for the unofficial Steampunk Invasion weekend.  I love this faire, and it's pretty local for me.  But my back is acting up, so it depends how I feel.

Twisted Gears is a one day mini-con held on the University of Houston campus on Saturday March 1st..  I attended and vended the previous Twisted Gears in 2012 (there wasn't one in 2013 due to space availability) and it was a good time and great chance to meet and socialize with local steampunks.  The panels they have lined up sound really great.  I'll be sitting in on the corset panel and vending this event.

Comicpalooza in Houston on May 23-26th is a huge general con.  I'll be vending it again this year.  They won't have as much steampunk programming as they did yesterday with the large steampunk ball, but Frenchy and the Punk are returning and other events have yet to be announced.

Steampunk Invasion - This con has just been announced for the Dallas area on September 13-14th and there's not a huge amount of info on it right now, but I know several people behind it and I expect it to be awesome.

Weird West Fest - September 20th, Giddings, TX - I don't know yet whether I will be attending this event due to its closeness in date to Steampunk Invasion (because I'm limited by my disability).

Aetherfest III  Texas' oldest steampunk convention returns to San Antonio on November 21-23, 2014. I have attended both the previous Aetherfests and it's a great con.  This year will be in a different historic hotel (that hopefully has better air conditioning than the last site) and it's still early, but I'm excited.

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  1. Wow, that sounds so exciting! I hope you have an amazing time! I haven't heard of there being another Steamfest this year, maybe it will happen later! I hope so! At least we have tea duelling this year! I hope that sometime a few years hence I will be able to go to America for some conventions!