Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Finds: Steampunk Tree Ornaments

First off, let me point you to "Brass Friday", a steampunk sale organized by Abney Park, with lots of indie Steampunk makers offering discounts today.  That includes myself.  Everything in my Etsy shop is 15% off this weekend with the code "BRASS."  Go get some cool gifts!

Second, some ornaments.

Is there anything NOT to love about this glass octopus ornament.  I LUST after this, but they're almost out of stock, so hurry!
Speaking of ornaments I desperately want, my fandom tree needs this Downton Abbey ornament.  Maybe not strictly steampunk, but it would fit in pretty well.

There are a lot of different wooden gear ornaments on Etsy, but these by Etched In Time are my favorite, since they combine snowflakes and gears and are so intricate.

This set of Sea Witch Tentacle Ornaments by Steamwolf are fabulous, and in my favorite color!  (They have other colors.)

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