Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Finds: 6 Awesome Steampunk Modding Tutorials

 Modifying shoe shape and style - This is a fantastic tutorial on changing the style of a shoe by adding pieces of leather.  I want to do this so much!

How to add LED lights to existing goggles - A detailed, beginner tutorial that's very useful.

DIY Leather Harness - This is a good guide to making a basic leather holster, which always adds to a steampunk outfit.

DIY Light-up Copper Cane - A great tutorial from one of my favorite blogs.  This is so simple that I'm wondering why everyone doesn't have one.

Modding Antique Headphones To Work with Modern Systems - This is a very cool tutorial on how to put modern headphones into an antique frame.

The Ambiance Enhancer - From the same maker as the headphones, here is a guide to make a custom arm-mounted case for an MP3 player or any gadget.

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