Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Finds: Steampunk Home Decor

Today on Friday Finds, my favorite steampunk home decor creations.

First up we have the greatest steampunk door ever.  Not only is it gorgeous, but it's amazingly function.  Watch the videos of the iris aperture peephole and locking mechanism.  Creating this kind of functional art obvious takes major skills and time.  Unfortunately, my home won't feature one of these anytime soon.

This is the CTS or Cat Transit System, created by Because We Can.   Any steampunk home with cat residents could use this.  I know my cats would love me forever if I could build them one of these.

I adore this posable light fixture/robot handmade by cutshopguy on Instructables.  In my dream steampunk home, all the lights are individual works of art like this.  Check out all the detail shots at the site, they're great.

This incredible steampunk desk started out life as a boring old particleboard desk before being modded into this incredible piece.  I find it really inspiring what can be done with some simple wood and paint. The only source I have for this is a Brass Goggles forum thread by Capt. James Salt.

Need a clock?  How about this amazing piece by Klockworks.  It's the Jules Verne Type 290, but to be honest picking just one of their spectacular clocks is difficult.  You really have to see all of their one-of-a-kind pieces.

Finally how about the whole package?  This is the interior of a restaurant in India.  It's incredible, especially all the detail work and the design of the walls. Thanks to Epbot for linking to this one.

Next week I'll bring you some simpler DIY ideas for steampunk home decor that the less ambitious among us can try out for ourselves.


  1. I love decor like this! I want it in my house one day, when I have my own one! I have seen the cat transit one before. It looks fantastic, but can't you just imagine most cats hunting you and jumping on you? Their ones must be very well behaved! I adore klockwerks, I really want several of their pieces one day!

    1. That's true, there would be a danger of divebombing cats landing on your head. :)