Thursday, November 2, 2017

McCall's Steampunk Patterns

McCall's has a couple of new steampunk accessories patterns.

M7705 Is a pattern by Formé Millinary with five different styles of perch hats.  There's a tricorn, bicorn, sidecap, and two other styles.  Some of these look better than others, in my opinion.  The styling as pictured is really questionable, especially the trim on the bicorn.   And I'm not sure how well-constructed any of these are.  But they might be ok as a basis for some little hats. 

M7706 has six different styles of spats.  They vary from small lacy ones, medium length ones and a couple of very tall styles.  My favorite one is the blue View C which would look a lot better if the details had been done in a contrasting color and not the exact same color.  The other long ones are just knit and look like they wouldn't stay up very well.  The others could be cute depending on fabric and decoration. 

Cosplay by McCall's has a new Lolita pattern with a really cute bustier, pannier supports, and a skirt.  The panniers would work for any 18th century pannier styled costume, so they might be useful beyond just this look.

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